Saudi Artisanal CompanySaudi Artisanal Company

We preserve the past by paving the future

Who we are
Our imagined future
Bring forth the next generation of Saudi artisans and present a new era of craftsmanship on a global stage, creating a legacy of excellence and individualistic beauty.
Saudi craftsmanship is not only about creating products but a way to document, celebrate, and uplift our culture. With an innovative business model and a dedication to authenticity, we're playing a key role in developing Saudi Arabia's handicrafts sector by drawing inspiration from the Kingdom's rich culture, enabling artisans, and building sustainable partnerships.
Our vision
Become the leading local and global brand for authentic, high-quality Saudi handicrafts.
Our mission
Delivering the highest quality of Saudi handicrafts, promoting them as part of Saudi heritage, and catalyzing the Saudi handicraft sector through fairly and sustainably sourced artisanal works
The threads we weave to be there
Enrich the global stage of craftsmanship by empowering the Kingdom's artisans, leading the industry towards the future, and opening up the treasures of Saudi craftsmanship to the world.
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