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Najd Finjan (Saudi coffee cup)

Inspired by Najdi architecture
Architecture represents an image of our culture through its unique geometric details and patterns. We consider it a part of us, and in turn, it considers us as its origin. Thus, we open our doors to our guests, proudly showcasing our architectural heritage and hospitality. The first thing we honor our guests with is Saudi coffee.
This collection celebrates the details of our heritage and generosity, where each cup is engraved with Najdi architecture, carved by Saudi hands. The colors at the bottom of the cups represent the various colors found in our rich nature.
While the coffee cup harmonizes the details of Najdi architecture with the colors of our nature, the frosted coasters symbolize our firm determination to a brighter future. When the cup is placed on the coaster, the color radiates through its transparency, connecting the past and the present, carrying the authenticity of heritage to the dreams of the future. Welcome your guests with an authentic Saudi coffee cup that symbolizes the modernity of the future and reflects the authenticity of our culture.
Saudi coffee cups with a frosted acrylic base that reflects the color of the cup.
Coffee cup
7 x 7 x 6 cm
7 x 7 x 2 cm
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