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Kingdom's Scarves and Brooch Collection

Inspired by historical landmarks in the Kingdom.
An elegant scarf made from lightweight fabric, its edges embroidered by skilled Saudi hands, carries in its design architectural details from the five main Saudi regions. It combines these details to form a picture of the spirit of our kingdom, uniting as one in and carrying the warmth of the homeland in a single scarf. Accompanying the scarf is an elegant brooch, designed and crafted from silver by Saudi hands.
It is beautified with an amazonite stone extracted from Wadi Al-Numan in its center, symbolizing the generosity of our land.
Separate scarves are also available, each uniquely capturing the beauty of each region. The Central Region scarf features the historic Salwa Palace and its distinctive architectural engravings. In the Asir Region scarf, we find its majestic houses, with edges adorned with patterns inspired by their doors and the Asirian cat. The Al-Ula Region scarf, distinguished by its archaeological history and architecture, displays engravings representing its rich history. The Hejaz Region scarf is embellished with the unique engravings of Jeddah's Rushans that is rooted in Jeddah’s archeticture. The Eastern Region scarf centers around the historic Al-Uqair Port in Al-Ahsa, with its edges beautified by its engravings.
A large rectangular scarf featuring designs from the five main regions of the Kingdom and a silver brooch with an amazonite stone. A small square scarf, available in five different designs: Central region scarf, Asir scarf, Al-Ula scarf, Hijaz scarf, eastern region scarf.
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