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Kingdom's Landmarks Collection

Inspired by the most prominent heritage inscriptions in the Kingdom.
The collection consists of five designs inspired by the most important heritage sites famous in the regions of Saudi Arabia. From the Central region, there is Al Murabba Palace, representing the House of Wisdom of the founding King. From the Western region, the Roshn in Nassif House, one of the most important historical landmarks.
Hence, this collection inspired by this technique, includes five Saudi coffee cups, designed in a modern and distinctive way.
They come in a yellow color, similar to brass used in wood decorations. These cups are formed from pottery by skilled Saudi artisans, and each cup bears dotted engravings that mimic "Qumour" and are inspired by deep-rooted heritage, with each cup representing one of the five main regions. A cup is decorated with the Sadu pattern, which adorns tents to represent the central region, and from Asir, the Qatt pattern that decorates the walls of houses. In the Eastern region, the engravings that adorn its doors and pottery, and Al-Ula, known for its historical and archaeological engravings, decorate the cup with its door patterns. The cup representing Hejaz features the pattern of the ancient Roshan. Each cup has a base made from luxurious walnut wood, hammered with the same engravings.
A walnut wood box decorated with historical engravings in Qumour technique in a modern way, five decorated cups with the same engravings, and wooden bases adorned with Qumour.
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