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Kingdom's Landmarks Collection

Inspired by the most prominent heritage inscriptions in the Kingdom.
The collection consists of five designs inspired by the most important heritage sites famous in the regions of Saudi Arabia. From the Central region, there is Al Murabba Palace, representing the House of Wisdom of the founding King. From the Western region, the Roshn in Nassif House, one of the most important historical landmarks.
From the sea, there is the Eastern region represented by the historic Al Uqair Port. From the south of our Kingdom, the inscriptions drawn on the majestic palaces of Rijal Alma. The Northern region is beautified with its varied engravings, athus, the scarf is decorated with designs from Jabal Al Fareedah. The collection is formed from ceramic coated with luxurious leather for heat insulation, crafted by Saudi artisans, to accompany your special moments.
A pot for hot beverages, two small pottery cups for hot drinks, a large pottery cup for hot beverages, leather coasters for cups, a wooden tray."
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